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The theme of the GMTK Jam was 'Dual Purpose Design', and my interpretation of that was to change the abilities that are typically taken as a given in a platformer (like running and jumping) and make them be diegetic elements of the world. 

The setting of 'Exodus' is that the player is a robot trying to escape an abandoned factory. 

In doing so, they stumble upon various augmentations/'gadgets' that allow the player to perform more actions than they could before. 

Listed below are the multiple purposes that I tried to make each 'gadget' fit. 
(These can be considered spoilers to the game experience so *SPOILER WARNING*)

  1. Give the player a new action/verb
  2. Have an active use for interaction with the world and puzzles
  3. Change the player appearance
  4. Act as keys to locks in the world
  5. Interact with other gadgets
  6. Act as collectibles

Install instructions

  1. Download the game
  2. Unzip 'Exodus.zip'
  3. Run 'GMTK_Jam.exe' in the unzipped folder
  4. Play the game! :) 
  5. The game uses mouse and keyboard only


Exodus.zip 480 MB
Wallpaper 2 MB

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